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World Refugees Final Mix Logs
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They were supposed to be gone. The world spirits had told them that. But, thanks to recent events, they'd known something was wrong. They'd just hoped, with all the light in their hearts, that the worlds had been right, and they would never return.

So the Refugees conducted investigations. They had to find out what was wrong, and they weren't about to be intimidated by a little odd weather. They even found some clues - whether they were important or not was something that would require a little more looking into, but they had somewhere to start, at least. Things weren't looking too bad, despite the weather problems, a missing world spirit, Princesses of Heart vanishing, and odd dreams accentuated by a desperate cry for help.

But then Wonderland fell to darkness, even as some of their own were searching for information about what was wrong. They survived, of course - that was what they were good at - but that only emphasized the fact that something, even if they didn't know what, was very, very wrong. And they had to find out before it was too late.

They tried not to be too rattled by it, however, as they continued with their daily lives. Naturally, they became more wary, abandoning the contentment granted to them after the War of Hearts. But they didn't ignore the need to relax. Some of them even decided to pay a visit with the heroes for a holiday party.

It was during that party, on Halloween night, when the return of the Heartless was confirmed on multiple worlds.

One of their worst fears brought to head, they fought to protect the worlds. They didn't want another Wonderland, another War of Hearts. But how could they prevent it? What was behind this malicious return, especially when the worlds themselves had firmly believed they were gone for good?

They had only theories to work off of, but the Refugees knew one thing: they were going to find out.

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World Refugees Final Mix is the continuing story of those who's stories have not ended yet - or is just only beginning. This is the log community.

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